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Christian music today.

Christian music is nowadays various. it's depend on each one, to chose and follow his proper style. It's a matter of a personal feeling. One style does not please God better than another one. You can worship, praise, with a style of music, expression, coming from the society where you live or where you come from. Unconsciously or not, you're influenced by the environment, by your spirituals activities and by your beliefs. Music can also be used in a context of meetings, celebrations, happiness or sadness. And apart from that, you have to worship and praise the Creator of the world. A way to express our gratitude. Isn't it?

Let us keep in mind that music has a power that influences a lot. We just have to pay attention to what we release while performing, to what impression my music gives off. Does the listeners feel the love, friendship, a commitment and prayer to live better together?

These are lovemusicproduction's preoccupations.