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                        LoveMusicProduction, a gospel and soul Label

LoveMusicProduction is a music production label oriented Gospel and Christian soul. It features in 2018, Marco: A songwriter, a multi performer musician, mixer, sound ingeener and Gospel singer. The first volume of this LP is entitled "For You", in dedication to God the Creator of the Universe.
This first volume, self-product is also dedicated to audiophiles, both english and french speakers, (in particular). See the page (listen), for more information. 

If the main habit of spreading the gospel is preaching, LoveMusicProduction has found its way! That of playing in soul jazz funk oriented music RnB, but with a Christian spirit.

Technically, the influence of the sounds of the 70s is sought. The mix 70 'and 2000' is possible. knowing that as far as possible, it is appropriate to give back to the soul of the 70s their letters of nobility. In this regard, LoveMusicProduction has, one of the reasons for his fight. Everything depends on what LoveMusicProduction says in his lyrics on the one hand, and, the spirit oriented love hope the label wants to release, on the other hand.

When talking about songs dedicated to God, we here believe that the style of music you present (as an offering of gratitude) to God must be a worked style that you like and with which you are comfortable and not a stereotyped format. Between us, diversity and peace come together. that's what we believe.


Marco Até is a Camerounian christian songwriter. Since his childhood in the late '70s, his first steps in music have been playing the drums. During the 80's his favorite pastime was hip hop and funk dance choreography. frequenting the cultural center of the district, he had at heart, to create with his brothers, a dance group called "Custom Fire". Marco, was then passionate for the animations of festivals, like favorite leisure. With one of his brother they evolved towards the discomobile. The disc jockey practice then made him want to compose songs. in 1992, he would acquire a piano arranger Yamaha PSR, then in 1995 a Roland W30 to start making songs that sound. This desire was accentuated during his travels in London during the annual Notting Hill Carnival, where people used to dance outdoors. In 1996, he founded a group with a lyricist and guitarist, met at the workplace, the group DELAZIC, whose first album "Mets les basses à fond" was published in November 1999 via Freedonia Label partner Sonymusic. (The album "Tu glandes trop", previously realized in 1997, being underground). In the 2000s, Marco builts his home studio, becomes a sound designer producer and co-produces mix tapes with inter alia the label "Versus Prod". He frequents the French rap scene and meets some famous artists like "Mc solaar" or "Cut killer". At the end of 2006, he worked more closely with evangelicals where, as the years go by, he practices the drums, the guitar, the bass, the piano as well as the singing, the direct live one of the evangelical cantors having greatly inspired him. The matured helping self-production was his next step for his activism in favor of the perenniality of the rather Christian music oriented soul gospel jazz funk. From where in 2018, the officialization of his label "LoveMusicProduction" and, his first realization, "For You", a collection of inspirations of several years


"We are very pleased to find some artists that are still fighting to keep alive gospel funky soul music!  sometime doing it live and direct. Weldone, urban christian musicians!"

Sent from an anonyous fan.

-Our answer: Thank you!  that is definitely our vision.